Why podcasts are changing the way we consume information

Nowadays, things are changing so fast with technology, the norms that we have grown up with, like “reading will make you clever”, are being challenged. One such area of rapid development is podcasts. Now you may be like me, a pathetically bad reader. I usually get to the 3rd chapter and get distracted by something else. For people like us, podcasts may just be the answer – of how to get information from someone who knows something, to your brain. And you can do it on the bus, or on the train, or.. anywhere.

Some of the most popular podcasts are Adam Buxton’s comedy talk show, and then there is James Richardson’s (from Football Italia in the 90s) football show. It is also an easy way for people who can’t get on the telly or on the radio, to say something to those who want to hear it.

Of course with that territory comes a lot a crap. But as long as you know what you like it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that speaks to you.. literally.