Cedar Lewisohn

Cedar is a well known artist and curator in London, and required a website that both was both practical and artistic, with an unusual layout that reflected his style. It was required to group the works by project, and also categorise it by project type. We opted for a series of fading sliders to achieve this.

Give It A Try

Give It a Try required a new website to showcase their great community work. We delivered the website with a very fast turnaround. All parties were pleased with the results.


The MyUAL App was built using CampusM software. We created many features for the app, using the platforms AEK (App Extension Kit) writing the code in React JS components. This particular design of the app saw the numbers of users increase dramatically, and had many positive reviews.

Danie Couchman

Danie Couchman is a voice over artist and autor based in London. She lives on a narrow boat and writes for the Canals and River Trust.


Murasaki is a Finanacial Asset Management company based in Japan. They required a rebrand and a new website.


SAWA had been operating without paying much attention to their visual identity and in particular their website did not reflect the quality of the work they were doing to build communities in Africa. Simple Path was task with, replacing their old WordPress blog (hosted by WordPress with adverts) and making it into something much more customised and fit for task.